If you’re like us, then you’re constantly scanning the web, doing research checking the blogs and really diving into what’s going on in the world of Home sharing and Airbnb. Through all of our travels through the interwebs we’ve stumbled on a great list of websites and blogs that offer both deep and broad information that many hosts will find helpful. We’d like to share that list with you now. Take a spin.

1. The Airbnb Blog

Covering everything from host success tips to travel inspiration and company news, The Airbnb Blog is a great resource for beginner and experienced hosts alike. For ease of navigation, Airbnb have split their blog’s content into categories. These include: news; wanderlust; hospitality; local lens; events; stories and trust & safety. Plus, all content is available in over 10 languages.

2. Airdna

Airdna provides data and analytics to vacation rental entrepreneurs and investors. By tracking the daily performance of over 2,000,000 listings across 5,000 cities worldwide, Airdna presents market reports and other data products that feature occupancy rates, seasonal demand, and revenue generated by short-term rentals. This information – once only available to corporate hotel chains – is now accessible to the everyday homeowner and real estate investor.

Airdna empowers entrepreneurs with the tools and insights to grow their rental business. Whether you are renting out your own home, managing other people’s properties or targeting new residential investments, Airdna helps our clients make smarter data-driven decisions.

3. AirbnbSecrets

My name is Dany Papineau and I’m an actor/filmmaker based in Montreal, Canada. A few years ago, I found myself on the verge of bankruptcy after self-producing my feature film 2 Frogs in the West. My home was for sale when I first started to list it on Airbnb and since then, I’ve generated a multiple six figure income via this website.

Airbnb change my life in a way I’ve never expected and I’ve become really passionate about sharing all I’ve learned on my journey to empower other Airbnb Hosts. My belief in helping you learn is simple: Be truthful, work hard, and share my Airbnb knowledge to help other Hosts become successful on Airbnb “overnight”. That’s what I’m all about, and that’s what AirbnbSecrets is all about.

4. LearnAirbnb

With Airbnb available in 190 countries around the world and continuing to add new listings every day, thousands of new and veteran hosts come to LearnAirbnb.com for relevant research and actionable advice on becoming successful hosts.

Drawing from their experience in finance, real estate, and hospitality as well as the hosting experience from their extensive network of active Airbnb hosts and Superhosts, the LearnAirbnb team offers insights and tips to readers from around the world via blog posts, educational videos, and a forthcoming podcast series.

LearnAirbnb also provides consulting and research services to both private and public companies seeking to better understand the Home Sharing economy and its constituents.

5. Pillow

In the summer of 2013 during a trip around the world, we used Airbnb to rent our San Francisco homes and became acquainted with the hassles of hosting. We experienced first-hand the need for a way to automate marketing, guest management, key exchange, and turnover.

And with that, Pillow Homes was born. Today, we envision a solution that not only solves a complicated problem but also simplifies and promotes frequent and enjoyable travel. Pillow provides seamless, full-service management solutions that allows hosts to enjoy greater mobility while knowing their guests rest easy.

6. Get Paid for Your Pad

In July 2012 I decided to list my apartment in Amsterdam on Airbnb. After a few months of experimenting, screwing up, learning and focussing on how to optimize my listing, I was able to travel full time living of the income I made on Airbnb. I now help new Airbnb hosts avoid the pitfalls, create outstanding guest experiences and generate an income from their spare room or house, while keeping things safe.

7. The Abundant Host

Hi. I’m Amy, a location-independent entrepreneur living an international yet nourishing lifestyle. I have a home base city in the U.S. and several cities I consider partial homes.

I created The Abundant Host because hosting on Airbnb has brought so much joy and freedom to my life—and I want to share that with others.

My definition of success is “freedom. I want to help people feel free to move around this world however they desire.

8. 1 Chic Retreat

Chic vacation rentals reign supreme over mediocre ones on the big sites like VRBO, Airbnb, Booking, and HomeAway, begetting more bookings and securing higher rates, as well as fabulous reviews from happy guests. Excellent reviews, in turn, generate more bookings and repeat clients and so on.

Creating another boring, generic vacation flophouse won’t cut it. There are plenty of uninspiring rentals already launched not getting many clicks. To build thriving guest bookings and earn a terrific return on your vacation rental investment, you have to create an exceptional experience for your guests.

1 Chic Retreat’s monthly posts will teach you how, in great detail, how to create jaw-dropping homes that people wait in line to book, by…

9. MetroButler

Always up-to-date on the latest Airbnb technology news, MetroButler’s blog will keep you in the know when it comes to new features and integrations. Their data-heavy posts show you how to make the most of Airbnb without breaking any regulations.

10. Ourbnb

We’re a very happy married couple (well I’m married and she’s happy, haha) lucky enough to be living in the fabulous city of Barcelona. There is me (Phil), Fiona and our two kids aged 3 and 5. I’m English, Fiona is Irish and we met at a work conference in Prague back in 2003, married in 2004, had our 2 kids in Ireland in 2006 and 2008 and moved over here to Barcelona in February 2011 (phew)! We are loving the life we have carved out for ourselves. It’s not all rosy in the garden though, some times have been very tough but we have always come good.

11. Airbnb Guide

From Airbnb customer service details to house rules and guest review templates, find everything you need for a smooth hosting experience and maximized profits.

Bonus: Host Forums

Looking for a little more engagement and interaction?  Try one of these user forums online communities. They offer hosts talking to hosts and helping each other solve problems. It’s a great way to learn from, and engage with others with similar experiences as you. Try them.

14. Airbnb Community

The Airbnb Community forum is a place for all hosts to explore tips and tricks, connect locally via meetups and clubs and get support from others, or provide support to your fellow hosts. It’s easy to start a conversation or contribute to existing ones.

15. AirHostsForum

Although not officially affiliated with Airbnb, the AirHostsForum is continuously growing from strength to strength, and now has around 5,000 active members and more than 96,000 posts, covering all sorts of topics and queries related to Airbnb hosting.

16. Airbnb Subreddit

Reddit hosts tight-knit communities of passionate individuals. But beware: Reddit users aren’t big fans of self-promotion. Join and engage with the Reddit community to get help for all your burning Airbnb questions.

What popular blogs, forums, communities and websites have we left off this list?  Let us know in the comments.