When setting up your Airbnb rental, it’s important to consider whether or not you’ll use any gadgets or devices to improve your listing, your management abilities, and the guest experience. More often than not,  the appropriate item can even add value to your listing and provide guests with a feeling of care and security. Filling your listing with these items will make your time as a host easier, and efficient. Seamless check in, control of the home from an easy to use app, and even upfront payment for future bookings are features in this tell all guide of “must have” gadgets for any Airbnb host.

Smart Lock

Keys are so 20th century. A smart lock offers both security and flexibility, letting hosts control access to their home with their smart phones. It enables a host to open his/her locks from anywhere in the world, allowing keyless entry for all guests , and even allows you to  change the password for the door remotely. This not only, provides ease of  checking in for guests but added sense of security for the hosts. Some smart lock apps can also send notifications whenever a door is opened for even more added security and allow for multiple devices to share one account.

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Smart Speakers

Everyone loves gizmos, there is something about a smart speaker that makes people feel like some sort of a tech guru. You can not only give guests the freedom to use their own phone and play their own music,  but also it’s just a nice added feature to add to the entertainment of your guests. . This gadget is definitely an extra for  your property. But watch out with this one hosts, sticky fingers tend to make this one a hot item on top of the “Hey where did that go.” list.

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A Plant Air Purifier

Pollution in general is not only outside. Indoor air is sometimes even worse than smog ridden streets.. Here’s a combination of technology and nature to make the air around you cleaner, and fresher.Powered by real plants, the plant air purifier helps remove exhaust (if the windows are open) and indoor air pollutants such as cooking odors and smoke,  it helps keep your place smelling, and feeling fresh at all times. After-all, what guest wants to walk into a rental with rank smells and dirty air?

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Our Very Own GuestBook App

GuestBook  is new startup that provides hosts with a suite of tools that take the “busy work” out of hosting. Our goal is to partner with Hosts to help them become better at hospitality without increasing their work requirements. A blend of smart services and practical education will help hosts provide a world class experience for their guests. Because afterall, #guestsaregold.

All it takes to create an account is to log in with your airbnb credentials and activate one of our services. . With GuestBook App, hosts are able to

  1. Earn extra money by offering guests early check ins or late check outs for a fee;
  2. Automatically deliver property information and check in instructions to every guest;
  3. Get a full view of all guests from multiple booking sites.
  4. Connect  to their cleaning professionals to keep them on schedule and receive reports about every job completed.

Resource: GuestBook

Chargers and Portable Pocket WiFi

Forgetting to bring a charger happens all the time during trips.It will certainly come in handy for guests to have a charger available and universal power adapter when there’s a need.

Most of the short term rentals are Wifi accessible. But,what about outside the property? Wouldn’t it be more convenient carrying a portable pocket wifi when taking a  tour? If possible, even provide your guests with a power bank, which makes a host seem thoughtful and a guest feel more comfortable. But watch out hosts. These are two other items that often don’t get returned at the end of your trip. If you are going to provide these items, best to let the guest know up front that if they’re not returned, they’ll be charged for the missing items. Working that into your house rules is a really great way to avoid the cases of the missing wifi adapter. It certainly isn’t 100% effective but will work in most cases.

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