When hosting on Airbnb, you want to make your guests feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible. Guests who feel at home will give you better reviews and be more likely to visit again. They will also be more likely to recommend your place to friends. Here are some quick and easy tips and tricks to make your guests feel more at home.

1. Offer toiletries

Leaving toiletries for guests can make their vacation! Small travel-sized bottles, similar to those at hotel can take your listing to the next level. Not only will guests feel completely at home (and not like they’re stealing someone else’ shampoo), they’ll appreciate not having to pack those items themselves, thus making travel lighter and easier.

2. Make your home a beautiful a possible

Now this one is kind of obvious, however it seems to be overlooked quite often. Make sure your property is clean and well taken care of. If you hang photos or art, make sure they are neutral, non-offensive, and can appeal to a broad segment of people. Of course, there are great examples of Airbnb properties out on the market that have a really far out design or unique theme. That works too. What we don’t recommend is being overly simple with  the design. Sometimes less is more and sometimes it’s not…. Going for a simple look? That’s fine but white walls, no headboards and no pop of color might feel more like a first year dormitory, than a cozy, stylish vacation rental.

3. Leave instructions for television, stereo, heating or air-conditioning (any device which may require some help)

We’ve all been to a hotel where we can’t quite figure out how to work the heat or AC which can be a real annoyance. In those cases however, it’s easy to call the front desk and have someone lend a hand. Unless you’re an onsite host however, this can be a real problem for travelers. (Not to mention something they almost certainly don’t want to deal with). Don’t let your guests get stuck not knowing what to do with that crazy looking remote control or sophisticated Thermostat. A simple manual, note card, or written instructions to any device they may need to use, will definitely help your guests settle in easily.

4. Show them in yourself.

These days, remote hosting and automated check ins seem to be all the rage… However, if you live in the same city or close by to your vacation rentail and want to add a personal touch, nothings accomplishes that more than showing up to greet wary travelers yourself. A quick hello, and tour of the property is a really appreciated gesture. Certainly there’s no need to hang around beyond a few quick pleasantries and answers. Don’t forget, they’re most likely tired from traveling and just want some privacy.

5. Stock the kitchen

You don’t need to keep food in your house, but making sure there’s dishware, cookware and flatware can make a huge difference. A lot of guests using this type of vacation / travel accommodation will cook at least one or a couple of nights they’re staying in your rental depending on the length of their stay. Families tend to cook more than single travelers and young couples and the last thing someone wants to do is to go out and shop for a pot or pan while on vacation.