Host Interview: Marykay Mentzer from Georgia

Why did you decide to become a host? With nearly three decades managing key global client relationships in a job I adore and also having a passion for gardens, animals, and people, becoming an Airbnb host with our Decatur Alpaca Cottage was a natural extension of everything I already love! To host well takes commitment,

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Host Interview: Edward LeMay From Boston

Why did you decide to become a host? I was a guest in Venice Beach CA as I was at a "performance Workshop taught by @Tim Miller!! My hosts were Jeff, a bodybuilder and his great wife, a nurse. So the seed was planted. When I returned to boston my long term tenants were asking

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GuestBook Is HomeAway Approved!

We're so excited to share the news with you. GuestBook has just been HomeAway approved. After a lengthy application process and review, The HomeAway product team has accepted our application. Why is this a big deal you ask? Well, other than the obvious opportunity to partner with a great company like HomeAway, we're opening up

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How Valuable Is Your Support Staff?

There's a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on South Florida and I'm in Boston...It's been called the strongest hurricane in the recorded history of the Atlantic Ocean. (Holy F#$%&#$*!) After the hurricane watching the destruction from hurricane Harvey last week, I couldn't help but think about the destruction heading towards my place in Miami. Yikes.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Airbnb In New York City

Recently, the hotel industry and Airbnb are at each other`s throat. New York City`s hotel industry links Airbnb to terrorism in a harsh 30-second ad.Airbnb also is fighting back with their own commercial. This is a perfect time for you to learn more about Airbnb in New York.   GuestBook is the easiest way for

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Words from the GuestBook Growth Team.

This summer and into the fall, GuestBook added 4 bright and amazing interns to our growth team. All come from different universities around the Boston area. All have incredible and diverse experiences at previous companies that made them excellent candidates for our team. In their own words, they discuss what it's like to be a

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Introducing “Slide To Send”

We're excited to introduce you to a new feature we launched this week, we're calling "Slide To Send". Now it's even easier to message your guests right from your mobile app dashboard. Simply open the app, and slide the reservation preview card to the left. If you're on the latest version of our app, (available on iTunes & Google

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INFOGRAPHIC: Fun facts about Airbnb hosts.

Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, said that airbnb created 1 million entrepreneurs. According to DMR (2017), 3 million listings on are available on Airbnb now. Many Airbnb hosts rely on Airbnb to earn extra income, or even as a sole income source. Here's a list of some fun facts about Airbnb hosts. GuestBook is

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What type of host are you?

There are 3 types of hosts in the world. The Opportunist, The Income Seeker, and the Rentalpreneur. Which one are you? If you think there are more than three types of hosts, or you fit into a different category, comment below and let us know what the title would be and the description. Be sure

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5 “Must Have” Gizmos for an Airbnb Host

When setting up your Airbnb rental, it’s important to consider whether or not you’ll use any gadgets or devices to improve your listing, your management abilities, and the guest experience. More often than not,  the appropriate item can even add value to your listing and provide guests with a feeling of care and security. Filling

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