Host Interview: Piero Asso from Florence Italy

We openly invite short-term rental hosts to take our online “Host Interview”, that shares their experiences as a host. For those that would like to do the interview with us, we’ll post your story on our website and all our social media channels. The “Host Interview” stories have helped our users’ businesses in the past

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How Valuable Is Your Support Staff?

There's a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on South Florida and I'm in Boston...It's been called the strongest hurricane in the recorded history of the Atlantic Ocean. (Holy F#$%&#$*!) After the hurricane watching the destruction from hurricane Harvey last week, I couldn't help but think about the destruction heading towards my place in Miami. Yikes.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Fun facts about Airbnb hosts.

Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, said that airbnb created 1 million entrepreneurs. According to DMR (2017), 3 million listings on are available on Airbnb now. Many Airbnb hosts rely on Airbnb to earn extra income, or even as a sole income source. Here's a list of some fun facts about Airbnb hosts. GuestBook is

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What type of host are you?

There are 3 types of hosts in the world. The Opportunist, The Income Seeker, and the Rentalpreneur. Which one are you? If you think there are more than three types of hosts, or you fit into a different category, comment below and let us know what the title would be and the description. Be sure

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5 “Must Have” Gizmos for an Airbnb Host

When setting up your Airbnb rental, it’s important to consider whether or not you’ll use any gadgets or devices to improve your listing, your management abilities, and the guest experience. More often than not,  the appropriate item can even add value to your listing and provide guests with a feeling of care and security. Filling

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5 things to do to make your guests feel at home

When hosting on Airbnb, you want to make your guests feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible. Guests who feel at home will give you better reviews and be more likely to visit again. They will also be more likely to recommend your place to friends. Here are some quick and easy tips and tricks

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How to make your property stand out

These days, there's a flood of hosting activity going on. As booking sites strike tax and regulation deals with local municipalities and travelers become more keen to this style of travel, the market seems to be getting flooded with an onslaught of new properties almost as fast as new drivers are coming on the road.

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The perfect host “Welcome Letter”… or email

Using GuestBook gives you the ability to send a welcome message to every guest 5 days in advance of their trip. But what to say and how to say it is often equally as complicated as even reminding yourself to send something at all. As a host, setting yourself a part from everyone

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11 Airbnb blogs (And 3 Forums) every host should know about

If you're like us, then you're constantly scanning the web, doing research checking the blogs and really diving into what's going on in the world of Home sharing and Airbnb. Through all of our travels through the interwebs we've stumbled on a great list of websites and blogs that offer both deep and broad information

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Two travelers walked into a dirty apartment…

Did you know the average traveler reads 12 online reviews before making a booking decision? For Travelers, there's nothing worse than finding a place you want to book on one of the big rental sites, booking your flight, and arriving only to walk in and find a filthy place... A dirty bathroom, or an unmade

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