The perfect host “Welcome Letter”… or email

Using GuestBook gives you the ability to send a welcome message to every guest 5 days in advance of their trip. But what to say and how to say it is often equally as complicated as even reminding yourself to send something at all. As a host, setting yourself a part from everyone

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Two travelers walked into a dirty apartment…

Did you know the average traveler reads 12 online reviews before making a booking decision? For Travelers, there's nothing worse than finding a place you want to book on one of the big rental sites, booking your flight, and arriving only to walk in and find a filthy place... A dirty bathroom, or an unmade

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4 Tips for filling long vacancies in your home-share rental.

If you're anything like me, long vacancies give me a sense of anxiety. I want maximum bookings 100% of the time. As a host in Miami, I can't ever imagine why my condo wouldn't be booked. It's in the perfect location, it's a great place, the rates are always better than what you'd pay in

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