Guest Contact Information.

We now collect verified guest contact information, including email addresses, for all hosts using Automation. When you send guests a secure link to access their welcome message, check in instructions and property details, they now must verify themselves by confirming their mobile number and entering their email address.

A few months back, I wrote a blog post about how to fill long vacancies and fill up your calendar. One of those tips was to email past guests with discount offers to return during down time. With this new addition, we’re taking the first step towards allowing you do just that. Without this update, it’s almost impossible to reconnect with you old guests, as Airbnb will deactivate the temporary email address assigned to guests within a few days of them staying at your property.

Currency Support

For Hosts who have, or want to activate EEM (Earn Extra Money), we now support bank accounts and payments from Australia. Coming up next, we’re rolling out support for Canada, Japan, The UK, and other parts of Europe.

Cleaner Identity Verification

Until now, hosts who have activated GuestBook Pro, have simply entered their cleaning professionals mobile number. Now, from their mobile dashboard, your cleaner will be prompted to upload a picture and add their name. This will improve on the reporting experience from your own host mobile app. In the next release of GuestBook Host Mobile, we’ll display your cleaner’s name and photo, along with each job report.

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