In the last few weeks we’ve had so many product updates at GuestBook, it was impossible to update you about each one without flooding your inbox. Now that we’ve had a quick second to breathe, here’s a summary:

1. GuestBook Host Mobile App:

  • Push Notifications — If you missed our previous announcement, we’ve updated our notification system for the host mobile app to push notifications in replacement of SMS messages. We still alert your guests with SMS / Text messages but moving forward, all notifications from GuestBook, to hosts, will happen via push notifications instead of SMS / Text messages. If you have not already done so, please download the latest version of the iPhone or Android app for your phone.
  • We’ve updated the guest card and the reservation card with slightly larger text. This will make those cards easier to read, review and interact with.
  • We now send a push notification when hosts receive new reservations from HomeAway. This notification redirects you to the guest card to make it easier to update contact information for HomeAway guests.
  • Cleaning reports: For hosts with the GuestBook Pro cleaning management service activated, we now send push notifications to hosts, when cleaning reports are submitted and jobs are completed. This push notification will redirect you to the cleaning report card in your mobile app.

2. Update To The Messaging Automation Service

  • We now include an additional message in our Messaging Automation service. “Booking Confirmation”. Often times there’s a long time gap between when a guest books your place and when they actually arrive. In advance of their trip, guests start to wonder if the hosts are expecting them. That’s why we send welcome messages 7 days in advance of the guests’ arrival. But, we now include a message right after the booking has been completed which puts guests at ease leading up until that touch point. When your guest books, we now send the following “Booking Confirmed” message…

SMS text:

Hi [Guest Name], I received your reservation. I will send you a separate message with everything you need before you arrive! Thanks, [Hostname]

This message also gives the guest a direct way to contact you if the have any important questions in advance of receiving their welcome message before their trip.

3. Design / UI Update To The Travlr Web Page:

  • For hosts with Messaging Automation active, we’ve completed a major design update to the secure Travlr web page that your guests use to retrieve critical information and improve their journey to and from your rental. This is the best, most reliable and most consistent way to make your guests feel welcomed and deliver important information about their upcoming stay with you. Click here to see a full diagram of the new Travlr Web Page.


GuestBook Travlr Web Page

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are. As always, if you have any questions about this message, want to suggest a feature, or want to start a dialogue about hospitality please reply to us at your convenience.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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Written By Jeremy Mays

Co-founder & CMO
Posted: Thursday March 29th 2018

Written By Jeremy Mays

Co-founder & CMO
Posted: Thursday March 29th 2018