We’re so excited to share the news with you. GuestBook has just been HomeAway approved. After a lengthy application process and review, The HomeAway product team has accepted our application. Why is this a big deal you ask? Well, other than the obvious opportunity to partner with a great company like HomeAway, we’re opening up another great data stream for hosts.

Hosts all over the world are looking to maximize their revenue streams by filling vacancies and getting as many guests in the doors as possible. When polling hosts on what they do to spread the word about their listing, almost everyone responded by saying the cross list their rental on more than one site. We’ve also written an earlier blog post about how to fill long vacancies.

So, what does this announcement mean for you?

For hosts who already list on HomeAway, you’ll soon be able to sync your GuestBook account and pull down reservation data from there as well. That’s a really big piece of your operational pie. Just envision all of your reservations syncing up to one dashboard and only needing one single pane of glass to look at for Guests Information, Reservation Details, Revenue, Contact Data, Booked Dates and Contacting Your Guests.

If you haven’t been using GuestBook because you need more sites integrated into your account before it’s practical for you to use, we can tell you that wait is almost over. We’re also actively working on integrations with all of the top and popular booking sites and platforms. It’s an exciting time to be a GuestBook host.

For hosts not currently listing on HomeAway, The GuestBook integration will provide you with an easy cross-list opportunity to get your property more exposure and fill those vacancies.

One of the things we deeply care about is happy profitable hosts. There’s no better way to be profitable than to list your property on as many booking sites as possible and get all those empty days on your calendar filled up. That can often times feel overwhelming. Multiple booking sites means multiple guests, requesting multiple reservations on different days. The emails, the messages, the notifications, the reservations, all coming from different places can feel a bit much to keep track of. With GuestBook, it all get’s centralized in one dashboard that’s easy to manage. We encourage you to sign up now, get used to the functionality and be ready for the HomeAway activation coming up very soon.


GuestBook is the easiest way for short-term rental, vacation rental, and homesharing hosts to manage their properties, reservations and guests. For travelers, GuestBook provides access to hospitality services and peace of mind throughout their trip.

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