Why did you decide to become a host?

I was a guest in Venice Beach CA as I was at a “performance Workshop taught by @Tim Miller!! My hosts were Jeff, a bodybuilder and his great wife, a nurse. So the seed was planted. When I returned to boston my long term tenants were asking to get out of their lease as there was construction noise next door. THESE WERE GREAT TENANTS! And I thought that I spent a lot of time and energy securing these tenants and that as sorry as I was to loose them, it was going to happen again. So I decided on short term rentals!! I told the prospective AIRBNB GUESTS that there was construction next door and so the die was cast!~ Guests loved my apartment and didn’t mind the construction from 8 to 4pm as most of them were out on the town or at the convention center, the Hynes, or working in Boston.

What year did you start hosting?


How many properties do you own / manage?


What do you love about being a host?

I’ve been working on my house since I first lived here in 1978 but really started the major renovations in 1981 — this is currently PHASE III… I love living in a great house!! Surrounded by my collection of sculpture and works of art. Isabella Stuart Gardner has been a long time HERO of mine… I’ve read her story and I’m familiar with her biographers and so many of her stories!! I’ve always wanted to be a BNB but thought I didn’t have time to make the breakfast — so along comes AIRBNB!! It’s a good match…

What, if anything, do you find challenging about being a host?

There have been a very few (i.e. 3 guests) in over 800 bookings who were very upset and who wanted a discount!! I don’t think it’s fair — but it comes with the territory!!

Do you have a philosophy or approach to hospitality that you think differentiates yourself from others?

Whenever possible I like to meet the guests and sometimes the guests have time for a conversation — which is great!! But that doesn’t always work for every guest. I want people to feel at home here… I want people to feel that this is their own home.

Do you offer any special amenities that you think are important for guests to be aware of?

I’m a “transportation hub” in Boston… very close to Green Orange and Silver Line — 200 ft south of the 43 bus whoch will bring you to park street — one block north of DownTown crossing which is Point Zero in Boston!! 8 minutes north of AmTrack and Acela!!

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