• Travlr - the mobile travel companion for your guests: Here’s what’s new.

As many guests don’t want to actually download and install another app, the primary point of communication, is a secure, mobile web page that delivers critical information on behalf of each host. Such information as welcome messages, and check in instructions is vital for each guest coming to stay with you and only improves on the hospitality experience for a potentially nervous traveler.

Aside from the basics, we’ve made some visual enhancements and functional improvements to the traveler to put more choices in their hands.

For hosts who activate Automation from their dashboard, a beautiful and secure web page, along with a world-class mobile app that delivers your hospitality offering to your guests before, during, and after their trip is distributed.

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Here’s the full list of features now included from top to bottom:

1. Translation

English isn’t your guests’ first language? No problem, translation services are available to convert the page and all information, into any language covered by Google Translate.

2. Trust & Security

Every guest will see your photo and name to ensure they feel safe and let them verify you’re the same host they booked.

3. Welcome Messages

Your welcome message to each guest appears here and is available at your first interaction with your incoming guests, 5 days before they are scheduled to arrive.

4. Location

The property name and address reassures your guests they’re heading to the same place they booked. It also links to GPS map services, for those who are navigating in to your property.

5. Early Check In Convenience Offerings

By default, every guest is offered early check in conveniences. Hosts choose not to turn on EEM (Earn Extra Money) will receive requests with estimated earnings and the option to then log in and authorize early check ins for their property. Guests will make the “request” Guests will receive a second notice if hosts approve the early check in request and can proceed to payment.

For hosts who have EEM already turned on, guests will simply proceed to payment and the host will be notified that the payment has been made and the guest will arrive at an alternate time.

6. Check In And Arrival Instructions

For hosts who have automation turned on, your check in instructions appear here and your guests are notified 48 hours before check in. If you do not have automation turned on, your guests can request check in instructions here.

7. Transportation Assistance (Mobile App Only)

We already know where your guests are headed. We’ll help them arrange transportation from the airport or public transportation by communicating your property’s address to Uber, Lyft and other services within just a few taps.

8. Property Details

Room by room breakdown, giving guests everything they need to know about their rental. Most importantly what every guest wants to know… Wifi!!

9. Help Your Guests Plan (Mobile App Only)

We help your guests plan what to pack by giving them access to the weather forecast around your rental.

10. City / Area Discovery (Mobile App Only)

One of the most exciting features for incoming guests is the ability for them to check out the neighborhood around your rental, before they arrive.

11. Check Out Instructions.

You probably have some specific check out instructions you’d like your guest to follow. From here, they can gain access to them.

12 The Travlr Mobile App.

For incoming guests with no access to international data, all critical information is available offline in our world-class mobile app Travlr, for iTunes and Android.

Travlr is available for iOS and Android and is delivered to all incoming guests of hosts using GuestBook messaging automation. 


Questions or comments? Just chat with us directly using orange chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen!

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Written By Jeremy Mays

Co-founder & CMO
Posted: Thursday March 29th 2018

Written By Jeremy Mays

Co-founder & CMO
Posted: Thursday March 29th 2018