Using GuestBook gives you the ability to send a welcome message to every guest 5 days in advance of their trip. But what to say and how to say it is often equally as complicated as even reminding yourself to send something at all.

As a host, setting yourself a part from everyone else could be the difference between a booked calendar and an empty one. Especially in areas of high “host” population like, New York, Miami, Boston, and other major tourist destinations. A simple, informative and welcoming letter and / or email could make all the difference. We’ve put together a great template for you to use over and over and over again. You can personalize it for every guest, or, simply make it a bit more generic and put it in a highly visible place for everyone to see when they arrive. Don’t leave guests with questions. Not only will this template save you time, it will make sure you have knowledgeable guests who feel comfortable and excited about their upcoming stay at your property.

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Areas Covered in this template

  • Thanking the guest for booking your rental
  • Overview of amenities provided
  • Laundry access details
  • Extra towels
  • Kitchen access details
  • Cooking ware and appliance instructions
  • Food storage instructions
  • Dish washer instructions
  • TV access details
  • Smoking rules
  • Parking instructions
  • Nearby attractions
  • Internet access
  • Pets if applicable
  • Checkout instructions

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