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Travel with confidence, convenience and gain access to a world of amenities during your trip.

Learn everything about your property and the area before you arrive. Enjoy a single and reliable way to communicate with your host. Know with certainty that your vacation rental is clean and ready for you. All while earning reward points towards future travel and trip upgrades such as: Extra cleanings, Extended check ins and checkouts out, your favorite amenities… and more.


No more guessing games before your trip.

One of the most anxious times during travel, can be the lead up to your trip. Is the place going to look like the pictures? Did you remember to pack everything? And oh yeah… Is your host expecting you!?!?!. If you’ve ever traveled and haven’t heard from your host ahead of your trip, you know how awful that can be. Worry no more. With a Travlr account, connected to your trip, you’ll always  have access to your host and through GuestBook Host, we’ll ensure you receive a warm and sincere greeting every time. 5 days in advance to be specific. That will give you plenty of time to ask the questions you need to ask or make additional arrangements, specific to you and your requirements.


A full dashboard to help you manage your trip with ease.

From the Travlr dashboard you can manage all of the details of your trip. Learn about your property, review the check in instructions and location, easily request trip  support while you’re there if something goes wrong, and best of all, if you’re on a different travel schedule than the check in / check out times of your host, you can request and pay for a little extra time on either side of your stay, if it’s available.


Adjust your arrival and departure schedule to meet your travel needs with a couple of clicks.

Back in July, 2017, a confrontation over check-out time turned violent after an Airbnb host allegedly pushed a woman down a flight of stairs in Amsterdam.Local reports said the suspect was arrested and detained by police. Prosecutors are considering charging the property owner with attempted murder, according to a Reuters report.

With Early Check Ins & Late Check Outs in Travlr, everybody wins.

First and foremost we do not condone violence or mistreatment of others in any way, shape or form. Nor are we looking to exploit a terrible situation. But, what happened in Amsterdam has highlighted a real challenge for hosts and travelers alike. Hosts, often times struggle between being as accommodating as possible for the sake of providing an amazing trip, and the business side of needing to turn over the rental for a new, incoming guest and maintain profitability. If they don’t let the guest stay late or arrive early, they risk a bad review. If they do let a guest stay late, it drags their profitability down and creates a potential scheduling issue with their turn over.
For Travelers, the issue is equally complicated. More often than not, out of town travelers’ flights do not coordinate with their hosts’ check in and check out requirements. If they’re  in a hot or cold climate, (or even not) conditions can make wandering around a strange city for hours rather unpleasant. Who really wants to sit in a coffee shop for hours until you’re allowed to check in or until it’s time to head to the airport.
Problem = Solved. 
With early check ins and late check-outs, travelers have the power to extend their trips on either side, to accommodate their travel agenda. Hosts can rest easy knowing that guests are paying for extra accommodations and their cleaning professional has been rescheduled through GuestBook Pro. Guests can rest easy, knowing they can now take their time and leave when they need to. Decide how much longer you need to stay or how much earlier you need to arrive and if the options are available, simply click, pay and enjoy your extra time at your accommodations. Everybody wins. Gone are the awkward conversations and hostile conftrontations.
Note: Restrictions do apply to certain circumstances. Additional time is based on coming and going of all parties on a particular day and open time-slots. If it’s not available, it won’t show up as an option. Guests must always respect check in and checkout times of hosts.