This summer and into the fall, GuestBook added 4 bright and amazing interns to our growth team. All come from different universities around the Boston area. All have incredible and diverse experiences at previous companies that made them excellent candidates for our team. In their own words, they discuss what it’s like to be a part of GuestBook’s rapid growth.


I work at something that I love. I like the idea of providing a holistic hospitality experience for both hosts and guests which is why I started this internship. By interning at GuestBook, I’ve really learned what it’s like to operate a startup. Every day is full of challenges and surprises. The ability to deal with multi-functional tasks is a must-have here. My daily tasks include data analytics, managing the instagram account and contacting industry influences. I’ve gotten hands-on experience with different tools to get my work done. The most rewarding part of working at GuestBook is the opportunity to voice my own ideas which are often accepted. It’s always exciting to see my work being liked by followers on Instagram!


Whether as an intern or traveler, it’s my fortune to focus on the hospitality industry comprehensively. I’ve conducted research by comparing short-term rental services. Even though these hospitality services and booking websites have dominated the industry and are changing the way people travel, hosts and guests still complain about some deep flaws in the industry as a whole thus leaving them confused. Poor communication has been problematic and time consuming during my personal travels and now I get to be a part of a team working tirelessly to solve that challenge.

Here, as I gradually learned about how our products solve communication problems, I fell in love with how we offer a simple yet personalized guest management system. The most delightful thing is, that as a social media marketing intern, I can share our system with travelers and hosts in need! GuestBook lets me work with problems in an industry I love and provide solutions to people just like me.


The best thing about working at a hospitality/tech startup is the feeling you get of making an impact at the ground level and being a part of a major project, even as an intern. This company has taught me how to build useful strategies through the use of data. My directors trust me to handle tasks and make me feel like an essential member. Unlike working at a big company, I can always touch base with the founders and have their responses and thoughts almost immediately when I have concerns or questions about my work. It’s fun, exciting and an incredible opportunity to look at the tremendous growth and impact from even the slightest change in decision-making.


I feel lucky I have the chance to work for GuestBook. In a start-up atmosphere, autonomy is the key to success. This internship inspires me to be a self-starter, rather than waiting for my team leader to tell me exactly what to do. During the internship, I don`t need to focus on one particular aspect of marketing. I get the opportunity and the incentive to learn a lot of different skills and tools such as Google Analytics, Intercom and Canava. During my term, I’ve been involved mostly in social media marketing. This internship helps me to get a sense and feel of what
kinds of positions are available in the US. My portfolio of skills has grown, as has my confidence which will be beneficial wherever I will go from here.

GuestBook is the easiest way for short-term rental, vacation rental, and homesharing hosts to manage their properties, reservations and guests. For travelers, GuestBook provides access to hospitality services and peace of mind throughout their trip.

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